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Conveyor Technologies is a company founded by the pricipal owners of Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. (CDI). Our mission is to create the best conveyor and pulley design software in the world. Although our primary mission is to develop software for CDI's internal use only, we do sell a subset of our tools to the general public including versions of our popular BeltStat and PStress codes.



Since its first release in 1981, BELTSTAT has become the world's oldest and most trusted conveyor design software tool. The latest version, BELTSTAT V8, includes a new interface and a number of new features designed to increase users productivity including:

The old USB key based licensing system is gone. To run BELTSTAT V8, you will need to register an account on Conveyor Technologies administration server. After signing up for an account, you will be able to download the BeltStat V8 executable and purchase licenses to run the software. The old single user licenses are gone. All licenses are floating network licenses. By default, the license is freed whenever the user exits BeltStat, but users can "check out" a license if they wish to use BeltStat while discounted from the network. Prices are listed in the table below.

Description Price
BeltStat 1 year License $3000
Annual license renewal fee (incl. software upgrades) $1000

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PSTRESS Cloud is a cloud based pulley design software tool that allows engineers to quickly predict the triaxial stress field in a pulley. Unlike a general purpose FEA program, different engineers using PSTRESS will always get the same answer when simulating the same pulley geometry with the same applied loads. Meshing and boundary conditions are predetermined and most of the solution is analytical so computation times are typically less than one second. This allows designers to rapidly review the effect of a design change on the stress distribution in the pulley and quickly converge on an optimum pulley design.

To signup for PSTRESS Cloud, you will need to register an account on Conveyor Technologies administration server. After registering an account, login to the administration server and signup for PStress. Once you have signed up for PStress, you will be able to access our PStress app at: PSTRESS subscription price is listed below:

Description Price
Single login $165 /month
Additional logins $10 /month

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Sales: Jason Aldrich | Configuration: John Lungren | Bugs: Andrew Jennings